Grilled Chicken Green Goddess Pasta Salad

First off let me say this is not one of my fancier creations but more of a weeknight dinner staple. This is a recipe I have done a lot recently for our weeknight meals. I am cheating a bit and using store bought dressing but if you are interested to make your own try this recipe for green goddess dressing.


The first thing I do is to marinate the chicken. I take a few chicken breasts that have been pounded out to an even thickness to prevent over/under cooking. The marinade is simply a mix of canola oil, white wine, red wine vinegar ( I have also substituted balsamic), garlic, a little bit on honey, oregano and basil (dried) and crushed red pepper. I try to do this at least a day ahead but can be don in little as 3-4 hours before hand.


The next step is the pasta, I start by making the pasta at least 4 hours ahead of when we plan to eat. I have been using elbow pasta, but you could also use bowtie or even penne. I boil the pasta in chicken stock till done,drain, rinse with cold water and toss in a ziploc bag with salt,pepper and a little bit of the dressing. I store this in the fridge to keep cold.




When we are ready to start grilling, I bring out the chicken from the fridge and season it with salt and pepper. I grill till done and then place it in a serving dish with a tablespoon of butter and lemon juice. I cover with foil and let the chicken rest for about 10 minutes.

When ready to plate I mix some of the green goddess dressing with white wine vinegar, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and garlic. I dice some carrots and celery and add them to the pasta and toss it all with the dressing just enough to barely coat. Toss the cut up grilled chicken and top with fresh herbs like basil,oregano, thyme or chives.


This is an easy weeknight meal that can be used several times a week if needed. My wife hates celery so she usually adds diced tomatoes, feta cheese and cucumbers to hers so you can see there is no real "rules"to this. The creaminess of the pasta paired with the raw veggies and the smokiness of the grilled chicken really go well together.



  1. This sounds delicious. Pasta salad is one of my staples in the summer, I always have a bowl of it in the fridge. I’ve been searching high and low for new, interesting recipes (getting tired of the ol’ tri-color rotini and Italian dressing combo), and I will definitely be trying your wife’s version of this; I’m a bona fide celery-hater, too.

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