is growing a vegetable garden in your front yard against the law in Louisiana?

Okay so in my neighborhood there is a guy who has constructed two big planter boxes in his front yard, more specifically between the sidewalk and the street. He has planted rows of corn and it looks like squash/zucchini in the corners. Every day as i drive by his house I think to myself "well that is different and I really need to take some pictures of it". Well last night on the way home I noticed that about 60-70% of the corn had been cut down. This morning there was a sign up explaining why. Now I know that this aesthetically may not be for everyone but what is the difference is planting corn that grows 6-7 ft tall and a sunflower that gets even bigger in the same place?









  1. You should post his number, so we can all call him.
    They can’t tell him not to plant corn in his front yard. This is ‘merka!

  2. This needs to be pursued. The City of Shreveport seems to be making up laws that aren’t there.

  3. Yes, indeed…is it against the Law in Louisiana or Lafayette Parish? I live in a subdivision where restrictions against vegetable gardens are NOT in the actual rules of the HOA. However, the “developer,” a silver-spoon lady who acts as judge and jury, later decreed that to have a garden (considered “landscaping” to her), we must have a fence. I don’t want a fence at the moment because the subdivision is still being developed, my neighbors don’t mind, the garden is in the backyard (my wife is the gardener), and I like to be able to see. Can anyone help out and let me know if any laws are out there that govern a person’s right to grow his own food for consumption. Thanks in advance.

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